FunnyLovePainful are a 4-man band from Aukrug in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Since the mid nineties, Tobias Schmidt (vocals), Michael Pohlmann (guitar/backings) and Ron Mueller (bass) are the permanent key players of the band. Since 2015, Heiko Rohwer completes FunnyLovePainful on the drums.

The band name FunnyLovePainful comprises more than girls, party and heartache.

The texts include fictional stories and own experiences. It’s all about the meaning of life, relationships, crisis‘, fears and loneliness. Politics and economy are hot topics. Society is cracking up and getting ill. People are working 24/7 to buy fast big cars and the latest smart phone and are at the same time missing out on life.

FunnyLovePainful’s music style can be classified as alternative or indie rock, sometimes influenced by rock and punk elements or drifting to britpop accentuated by spherical guitar delays. Always characterized by common melodies followed by crazy harmonic changes. They experiment in regular sessions, leading to new ideas being directly transferred from the heart to the instrument. With ease they let their feelings flow and authentically stage the songs. Tobias‘ strong emotional voice is characteristic for the band.

After the „Motley“ (1996), „These Days“ (2000) albums and some regional gigs, the EP „ Message On My Door” was released. Many other performances follow, e.g. at the Traumfabrik, Kiel, the Bullentempel, Rendsburg and the Gruenspan, Hamburg.

They were finalists in the Oxmox Band Contest, the German Rock and Pop Price and the Local Heroes of Schleswig Holstein. They support the Dutch Punkgranaten Bambix and are on the European Liberating Music Sampler of GoKartRecords (Antiflag, Alcaline Trio,…). Their own self-produced LP …Vacuum was released in Autumn 2006. The enthusiasm of the press and the Fanzines, ranging from “an absolute insider tip“(SHZ), “five stars!“ (Oxmox) and “sometimes impelling, sometimes with their brakes on and a huge intensity – Take It“ (After Dark), promoted the LP and quickly made the cover track the editor’s tip on Regioactive and Delta Radio. The airplay of the song ’NNN‘ very much increases the band’s presence.

Whether at the Grosse Freiheit, the Logo, the Gruenspan or at the Dithmarscher Rock Festival in more than 200 concerts, “they loudly thrill their audience“ (NDR2). FunnyLovePainful “convince with drive and power“ (Kieler Nachrichten). They play “catchy alternative rock at it’s best“ (OXMOX) at many venues, from the Traumfabrik, Kiel, Klosterrock, Neumuenster to the Markthalle, Hamburg.

The band slightly cut back in 2008 for occupational and private reasons. New songs were rehearsed and some gigs played with different drummers.
However, real rock never dies out, which is why the band started recording a new album in 2018. They experimented without time pressure at a home studio, resulting in the 8-track vinyl album ‘No Shadow Without Light‘ including CD (with 6 bonus tracks). The album is also available on the common streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and many more. With a new record and the desire to play live, the band is promoting brain-blasting new songs.

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