29 / 05 2021


Since several hundred thousand events throughout germany had to be canceled due to the ongoing corona pandemic and the emergency aid programs of the federal, state and local governments by no means reach all of the freelancers who are at risk in their existence and who work in the cultural sector, we would like to do a small contribution with your help and want to collect donations to support this occupational group. You can order our record “No Shadow Without Lights” and t-shirts at https://funnylovepainful.bandcamp.com/merch. For every record or T-shirt sold, five euros will go to the #handforahand initiative by Junge Literaturvermittlung Köln e.V. to support freelance stage and sound technicians, lighting technicians, stage hands and event assistants. To get you a taste, here are some reviews of the record.
Take care and stay healthy!